Our History

Hnos. Ubeda GoldSal S.L., is the 3rd generation of a family company with more than 100 years of experience and dedication in the Saltpans (Salt evaporation ponds). Our knowledge in Saltpans passed from father to sons. Mr. Juan Ubeda Lopez was the beginner in 1905, he started to work for the Union Salinera de España S.A in the Salinas de Cabo de Gata.

Living within the saltpans and raising her children in the mining environment, this makes his son Mr. Manuel Ubeda Canton continue the family tradition and passed on to the next generation, who continued the same tradition in the Salinas de la Tapa y Marivelez from El Puerto de Santa Maria as General Manager Exploitation for 47 years.

Mr. Manuel Ubeda Canton with his great experience and for his native roots was a great connoisseur of all types of salts, including the Queen of salt (Fleur de Sel). Two of his children were dedicated to this business, Mr. Juan Jose Ubeda Rodriguez and Mr. Manuel Jesus Ubeda Rodriguez. Taking the reins of the company, Mr. Manuel Jesus Ubeda decides to create an exclusive and innovative product that breaks the market roles. He invented a Fleur de Sel composition, which is the gourmet salt par excellence with 24K edible gold flakes, creating a culinary jewel. #Luxurysalt.